More than 330 billion cubic feet of natural gas are flared annually in the United States, equivalent to millions of homes worth of energy supply going up in smoke. Additionally, flaring of natural gas can lead to harmful emissions such as NOx, CO and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) plus viewshed impacts from flames and smoke trails, all of which draw increasing levels of concern from the public and industry regulators.

Crusoe offers a solution to flaring for upstream operators without access to pipeline. Crusoe’s Digital Flare Mitigation (DFM) systems convert otherwise wasted natural gas into electricity to power energy-intensive computing right at the wellsite. Through this process, operators achieve a beneficial use for the natural gas as well as dramatic emissions reductions.



Crusoe’s modular and portable systems are designed for the scale and throughput demands of the modern shale industry. DFM systems are capable of processing up to millions of cubic feet of natural gas per day or as little as 50,000 cubic feet of natural gas per day. Systems operate effectively across a wide spectrum of gas compositions ranging from 750-2500 mmbtu/mcf.



The DFM electricity generation process comes with built-in emissions control technology and catalytic converters that can significantly reduce NOx, CO, VOC and methane emissions compared to flare exhaust streams. The systems are EPA-certified and generally exceed local and state requirements.



Achieve a beneficial use for natural gas as well as deep emissions reductions. Crusoe’s DFM technology is quickly becoming the preferred alternative to routine flaring, and helps pipeline-constrained operators comply with anti-flaring, anti-waste and anti-pollution rules and regulations that may otherwise impede operations.



Crusoe deploys DFM modules to your location under a service agreement model with zero up-front cost to the oil producer. We handle the logistics and operations so that you can focus on your core business. Compared to building pipelines or other complex facilities, the Crusoe solution is a simple modular system that can be delivered and commissioned in just a few days.